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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Armpits!"

are you not contradicting yourself

i mean you made this movie to parody ff pits of flash right (btw ive never seen it, however i do understand it was bad), you said at the end of your movie that there is alot of crap on newgrounds these days, but putting stuff like this up just adds to it...so really you are what you hate, and to everyone who put stupid reviews like "you should go fuck yourself!! cause this movie was bad" should get lives, why do you need to be insulting and should maybe actually watch the movie cause that was the whole point, to be horrible.

Crap like some old mouldy stuff in the fridge.

This movie was so crap, that if I had to watch it again, I'd smash my computer. The pictures were dodgy, the storyline was no where near planned, and the worst thing was, the moral.
If the moral is dat crap movies are entering in newgrounds portal, then why did u make yours?? And don't ever disgrace Final Fantasy, the game is truely the best ever game in the WORLD!

HEY. To the last reviewer.

You don't have to hate something to parody it. Lots of people that like Megaman make megaman parodies..


maybe some of u should read what he said at the end.

the littlest FF parody

nuff' said