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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Armpits!"

The biggest self-irony I can think of

If you hate FF:Pits of Flash so much for being poorly done you could have just posted that on some message board, but you actually decided to make a flash presenting the subject. What turned out couldn't be more ironic - your flash is everything you criticised about the oh-so-evil one it deals with, except (in your logic, anyways) it didn't receive any high ratings because you haven't promised any sequels. I'm sure something as dull as what you've produced can't draw anyone's attention for your "important" message, and the thing that amazes me most about all this mess is how you couldn't notice that.

Good movie for kildren

Movie for kildren in all age of empires

That was bad, man.

Making a flash movie just to bash someone else's is pretty low, regardless of how bad you think their movie is.

i get your point and understand fully...

i happen to enjoy viewin' flash, but you can tell when someone really gives a shit about the piece they've made...and as for tellin' the people too vote high just for a sequele, what a loser...?!

Revenge is sweet

Justice is aptly served. Or is it...