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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Armpits!"


yeah.... that kinda sucked but the music was interesting overall i think that u could do better bro good luck

can u maybe ....not.....suck....pleez?

agreed that ff pits sucked, but you have yet to improve on it, so if i were you i would try again...or you couldsave us all a timely death and just throw your lash program into the recycling bin...


The movie sucked, but the moral was good. Don't make anymore like this.

I wept when I saw this...

I'm sorry. But this was pure crap. None of my usual articulate self here. It was crap, plain and simple. My index finger became gangrenous and fell off when I clicked onthe link to see it, as it was so ashamed for inflicting so much pain upon my mind that it commited suicide.

Kinda looks like...

the kettle calling the pot black. I'd say except for that *amazing* rendering of that chocobo, that cartoon was worse than the Final Fantasy Pits.

Oh wait, I'm being sarcastic. It sucked.