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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Armpits!"


He is right about all of his words


Did you idiots even bother to read his comments? This is years old, and was a parody of some shitty movie that was called a game at the time because it had a slight bit of interaction. Stop wasting your time.


Even though it was pretty cheesy, it kicked ass.

All right movie, but good parody of FF Pits.

This was an all right movie. Even though it was poorly made,but it was made like that for a reason. I think the reason why FF Pits got such a high rating because when i was looking for movies on Final Fantasy, it was the only movie that parodied FF. At first when i watched it, I laughed my ass off, of course i was 17 at the time. Now i'm 20 and when i watched it again, you're right, it was an utter piece of shit. But it was an all-right movie making fun of shitty flash. Thank Goodness there are better FF parodies out than that these days.

Something doesn't seem right...

Ok, let's get one thing straight. You DON't make fun of a bad flash with a bad flash. It just doesn't happen. End of story.