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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Armpits!"

Uh what kind of flash is this...

ok, i have no idea why the hell u even put this flash on newgrounds. I'm sorry to say but this is retarded. Now i dont want to be entirely mean. I can say this, u had effort and determination to do this and u have guts to put this dog pile. Try harder k.


when I 1st saw the title... I thought: WTF?. when I watched this animation... I thought: WTF?.
overall, it was very random, and above all else.... very weird!

exelent work!

yeah, the graphics weren't the best, but it DO deserved a "10" because you're not letting us get controled by evil mind-controlers with awful evil flashes!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA...*cough, cough*....HAHAHAHHA!!!!

Really kinda sorta crap

also isn't it illegal on this web site to tell us to vote low on anothe flash (which personaly looked better)?

zsleepy13 is right...

personaly i think this flash is the fuggin armpit... i mean a gun? lame...