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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Armpits!"


I gained no enjoyment from this, apart from the fact that is was slightly funny. You should make a plot to this flash and perk up on your drawings aswell. If you did those things, added some voice to your character and added some jokes, this would be good.

For this poorly made flash, I'll give you a 3, for the idea.


This movie had no real point and it could've been done better. But, nice try. I think?!

This sucked!!!

What the hell was that?! First of all, this was too quickly done, poorly animated, and barely had any point. You could of definetely done better.


if you people didnt pay attention to what this movie was about, then youll probably find out why some of the artwork is really bad,but that doesnt excuse the bad art style for whoever created this either.oh yea one more thing if your going to make a statement then make sure you spend more time with and dont end up with crap like this


if u think all protal entries are dum u should look at what u created lol