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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Armpits!"

Holy shit!!! LOL!!! 10x better than FFP of Flash!

Damn this was a lot better than Final Fantasy Pits of Flash! That "game" sucked so badly! I'm glad someone did this!

What The Fuck????

O.K, im new.... I dont known why everyone hates
that unknown 34 guy so much? i saw his ffpits...
i dont see whats so bad about it.. its better
than some other submissions....
So the Guy Made a couple bad movies, BIG FUCKIN
DEAL, Hes a begginer... When i started I sucked
ass to. You probably all did to! So, I dont Know
Why Everyone Even Cares.. Thats stupid Picking
on one guy, That every time he comes here he
Gets put down by every one when he is Trying.
Some People Come here for fun, they dont want
there fun ruined by some 17 year old FUCK sitting
on his ass and dosn't have any life, So the 17 year old just pratices Flash every second of his Pathetic Loser Life, making him better at this TOOL! I cant believe People Would Get So Fucked
Up Over Over a couple bad movies?
Non-Idiots Rule.......

HA.. Thats Funny!

In reference to Unknowns34's review of this of course. Unknown34, you continue to submit shit to the portal, you aren't working on your game, and nobody want's you to finish it anyway. You'd be a lot more popular if you just replace FF:Pits with a black screen that said "No". You might want to wise up, like not saying you’re 12 when your profile disagrees, and learning what a screen capture is. Wake up, and realize that FF:Pits should’ve been deleted a long time ago

HA.. Thats Funny!

This is actually funny! I did create Final
Fantasy Pits........ 2 Fucking days after
I got it!!!!!! Thats like Laughing at a kid
When he falls of his Two Wheeler the first
time he tried it!!!! You guys who hate it
and Say "oh yah, This is Shit Probably didnt
Known I only had flash for 2 days and didnt
Know Shit about...... You Guys are pathetic!!!
Go Find some other 12 year old to FUCK WITH!!!

- Unknown34
(p.s How did you save the screen from my game?)

true true.......

just sittin back.... drinkin a bud.......oh ya and ff pits demo shit deserves an anal flogging by rich from survivor!!!