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Reviews for "Final Fantasy: Armpits!"

i don't want to get hit in the crossfire

be careful.any publicity=good publicity.

Try harder next time

Man, if you had put in at least some effort into making this movie, i might have laughed. you had a good idea, just not the talent to make it a reality. sad.

serves you right

bet its your fault that ff pits got removed before i could watch it. now you say that he probably spent 5 minuts working on it, but yours was just basicly a background with ONE moving pictore. you say you spent long on it, so just think on how long he spent on it! NO ONE DESERVES TO HAVE A "X" VOTE! no mater what he sais or does. no i wont vote you off, thta would make me a hippocrite, im just going to vote 0 for this every time i enter newgrounds

Hunter is brilliant

Damn dude. For your age you got a good head on your shoulders. Not only did you totally slam that worthless piece of crap.....you made it into an entertaining film. 10 across the board. Bravo my man!

talk about bullshit

if this a parody of ff:pits saying the art sucked...take a look at what you put on the portal!!! were you just trying to say you liked the music and wanted to make a gay video for it???
Is that guy on a duck!? oh i mean chocobo...ok i made my point. go back and try again tough guy...take it from someone who works weeks on a flash movie and is able to know what a shitty submission! even after a few days of having flash