Reviews for "Anita's Camp"

Game play is somewhat different from other games you made. We must help someone or solve a puzzle before receiving another item. This takes away the feeling of an adventure. What about the rattlesnake? I think it's probably a fake one.

Graphics and animations are good.

The game is good and the option of killing the chef is a funny addition to the game!

However, the box puzzle was very unfair, because there's nothing in the game that hints the password, forcing the player to watch the walktrough in order to progress in the game.

The voice acting is nice (Unless for the Myles' crying. It's a bit annoying), and the character too. I'll give you 3 stars, but think on the question of the box.

The bear foot print and the butterfly puzzle was very clever

Love love love. As always a pleasure. This one took me a bit, but fun never the less.

yes im happy with my self for killing your chef :P also free medals!