Reviews for "The Great Biohazard Escape"

Nothing extra, just a common short adventure. the music didnĀ“t feel quit good, the graphics reminds me of scriptwelder and the idea over all seemed a little too much sci-fi. Anyway not that bad after all.

It's sad that the great atmosphere in the beginning of someone desperately trying to survive this moral dilemma is destroyed by the characters cheesy villan behavior. I would've liked it better if the decision was not easy for him.

similar to scriptwelder's style

Spoiler alert!
Good game. Challenging indeed. I had to use the guide for the last part. I didn't realize you had to do it in a correct order, misused the books a few times too. I once encountered a bug where some of my items appeared in the inventory after i went to the menu and pressed new game - simply a page refresh gets it good again. I don't dwell the bugs tho. I think you did a good job about making a nice puzzle. The ending could be better, and the overall story could also artistically be combined in a more creative way with the actual puzzle and escape - but I guess your aesthetic goal of the game isn't exactly to be artistic, but to rather make a challenging experience. Good job none the less, I enjoyed it. Music fits too - relaxing. Art-wise it's fine - it might not be the finest quality of art, but it doesn't matter in the case of this game, since the goal of the art is to clarify the items.
Overall a cozy game. 3.5/5!

Since there're no instructions on what to do in this game, I had to rely on my instincts and simply moved my mouse around. It seemed easy as I was only collecting, combining, and using stuff. Then, I had to read more carefully the on-screen game text to figure out what to do next. When I successfully switched on two indicators to green, I was like I got this. Left with a book and a shape-shifted trolley, all I could do was keep trying. Hint: the floor was clean. And yeah, I escaped and freed the deadly alien.

Graphics and sound effects are alright.