Reviews for "The Great Biohazard Escape"

I actually feel badish for having to chose the characters freedom over the worlds safety...

similar to scriptwelder's style

Pretty quick but nice game, but if you could shapeshift into anything (even a virus as the person claimed), you could likely get small enough to pass through the cracks of the door or something.

Anyway, I had to start over twice because I used that pink chemical stuff on the cloth before using the cloth to clean up the mess. It just disappears from my inventory and makes the game impossible to finish. First time I had no clue, second time I discovered the steps to break the game, so to speak. Pretty dumb that you can only cut the cloth after a certain point and it's a little amusing you just dump that alien waste stuff down a sink. lol

In all, good 5-10 minute waster. Some things were so cryptic that it took some random clicking to get through it, but the game is short and it's just one room divided into two parts.

It's sad that the great atmosphere in the beginning of someone desperately trying to survive this moral dilemma is destroyed by the characters cheesy villan behavior. I would've liked it better if the decision was not easy for him.

Great concept !