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Reviews for "The Great Biohazard Escape"

A little to easy but i alright game to play. Yet you can't pick the scissors up even though you needed them to cut the cloth in half. I didn't look up a walk through i figured it out really quick and the last part with the books was a little simple.

Spoiler alert!
Good game. Challenging indeed. I had to use the guide for the last part. I didn't realize you had to do it in a correct order, misused the books a few times too. I once encountered a bug where some of my items appeared in the inventory after i went to the menu and pressed new game - simply a page refresh gets it good again. I don't dwell the bugs tho. I think you did a good job about making a nice puzzle. The ending could be better, and the overall story could also artistically be combined in a more creative way with the actual puzzle and escape - but I guess your aesthetic goal of the game isn't exactly to be artistic, but to rather make a challenging experience. Good job none the less, I enjoyed it. Music fits too - relaxing. Art-wise it's fine - it might not be the finest quality of art, but it doesn't matter in the case of this game, since the goal of the art is to clarify the items.
Overall a cozy game. 3.5/5!

Tripping on a broomstick. Yeah...FUCK YEAH! Quality writing right here!

Love the black humour and the Doom like music. The game is a bit on the easy side but still very enjoyable. 4/5

not exactly the best. but I did like it

I have to admit that this game really frustrated me. It's mostly because the game itself had to be done in a VERY specific way. Yes, I watched the walkthrough. I had to do everything it told me in the exact order! Whatever, 50 points is a lot. It's amazing how much you can do with just two rooms.

I never would have figured any of this out. I just had to do one more thing but I kept getting that wrong. I don't even know what it was at the end that I did. I guess it deserves its status as a Ludum Dare game. I've been busy lately.