Reviews for "The Great Biohazard Escape"

good game different from most escape games

Since there're no instructions on what to do in this game, I had to rely on my instincts and simply moved my mouse around. It seemed easy as I was only collecting, combining, and using stuff. Then, I had to read more carefully the on-screen game text to figure out what to do next. When I successfully switched on two indicators to green, I was like I got this. Left with a book and a shape-shifted trolley, all I could do was keep trying. Hint: the floor was clean. And yeah, I escaped and freed the deadly alien.

Graphics and sound effects are alright.

Nice little game. Gamebreaking bug, through: after using the book in its proper location (I had to use the walkthrough), I couldn't do the ONE LAST THING in order to win the game, as the game did not register me using the book.

This left me stuck without any book.

My game isn't showing up.. just a plain black screen....

A little to easy but i alright game to play. Yet you can't pick the scissors up even though you needed them to cut the cloth in half. I didn't look up a walk through i figured it out really quick and the last part with the books was a little simple.