Reviews for "One Punch Man - Remake Latino"

wow guys i like this and i laugh so much when i saw every thing and one punch man have boobs

I dont speak spanish but still found this hilarious. Good job guys!

I must say...this...is glorious. Even though I don't understand...Latino? I still find the animation quite creative and nice. I was able to follow MOSTLY where Saitama was, because I knew the place. The creativity is really worth it and watching. Seeing as it's not the usual song in someone's animation and like the original opening. It actually has unique creativity that is different in each scene.

Really do love this, so good this is.

I have no words to describe how much i love this collab. I dont even like OPM but this really made me feel the energy! the power!

El Chavo as Mumen Rider killed me.
Great job!