Reviews for "Orbital Survival"

Really cool game idea... You could have constructed more of a game based on this idea. Good job!

elpepiii responds:

Thank you!

Very nice graphics. However, an instruction screen at the beginning would have helped.

elpepiii responds:

Thanks! I'm not very fond of instruction screens, that's why the game uses the most common keys.

A charming game. The Controls are spot on and orbiting bullet mechanic is novel. I was initially just firing off randomly to set up a field of fire or two for the baddies to run into before I realized that would cause more net loss than gain. If you're not careful you'll do more damage to yourself than the baddies ever will.

I was able to get some orbital shots setup at the equator and then move to the pole to just watch the bullets orbit and it was rather beautiful. So that's bonus art right there!

Its the little touches, however that I feel make the game. For example the star field backdrop or the fact that the moon has a day and night side.

Downside: at the more hectic moments with 5 way blasting and scores of bullets the game did suffer some slowdown (at least on my machine) but it was HARDLY a dealbreaker. Consider this me digging to find something that needs improvement.

If I were to suggest a cosmetic detail to add, It would be give the moon a day/night cycle. That is to say if you stand still on one point let the areas of light and shadow rotate over the surface.

It may be a simple game, but you've executed it well.

Also, the music was pretty cool.

elpepiii responds:

Thank you very much!
Slowly rotating the light would have been a nice detail, I didn't think about that!
I'm very glad you liked the game!

Very accurate weapon
and very quick dying enemies
also rotation of the map

good mini game.

elpepiii responds:


Original. Does this need to be stated? This game is brilliant. I saw that you said you wanted to add more to this and I think you should. So far it is simple but there is room for so much more in this game. I would avoid upgrades like most games, as upgrades can actually give the player a disadvantage, I think the random power up/ health packs is great. I would suggest some level depth, such as defeating bosses. I think there is a lot of potential for original boss fighting with this. I wouldn't change anything aesthetically since it is already simple and pleasing to the eye. With level progression I think this game could be really engaging and addicting.
~ The Review Guru

elpepiii responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it.

Bosses sound like a great idea, I wish I had it when I was making it!
But I doubt I'll be adding anything to this game any time soon, I really don't wan't to use this game engine again.