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Reviews for "Dead Detention 2 #6"

make better minigames, i am getting tired of them because they are too easy and those things move too slow
please, i am tired of the lame minigames seing the circle getting to the other side very slooooowly
plz jack senpai (? okno xD but you really can just make them come faster so is more challenging, not very fast but fast enough so people can miss sometimes

well... going back to reviewing the game itself... (i wanted to tell you that before, but fucking newgrounds don't let you edit comments and i always forget to add that, is so frustating to forget over and over)
the minigames where kinda epic in this one though, until that thing of "hold shia" came -_-
"oh yeah, i will totally come back" lol xD you really have a great sense of humor

the game is pretty great, even though of the shitty minigames but i like it a lot anyways that's why i give 5 stars ^^ continue like that, just take in mind that feedback about minigames, i don't think it would be hard to make the blue things move faster

Great game, but I'm pretty sure it's bugged since I've done it for over 5 times and no matter where I move the mouse, there's never a hand for a trophy prior to the second one. AKA the first trophy is missing.

JackAstral responds:

The first plot token is the clear moon logo on the Death Disciple's robe

hmm maybe you could re enhance this series and make it a sellable game on steam. either way interesting concept the arts shoddy but you can always improve

my fps is horrible and im playing on a touchpad so, yeah, having dificulty getting past the second minigame

Max Miller: Da feyc dose star wars thing