Reviews for "Abyssal Dream"

Yeah I... have no clue how to shape shift and I've tried every key combination.

So this game is really stupid

esayitch responds:

Did you press D to see the combinations?

Did you unlock any shapes? You can't shapeshift if you haven't unlocked any shapes!

Little warning before you start playing this game:
This game expects you to master it's controls, Instantly.
You'll not have fun if you aren't quick to learn a game's controls, and you'll most likely end up dying several thousand times. Especially at the parts where the game expects you to shapeshift mid air.

esayitch responds:

Hi! I tried to build up the learning curve gradually, and I wanted to make the game about 4 times longer, but due to the time constraints I had to go with "brevity is the soul of wit" and condense it to escalating challenges. With that said, the last area is easier than the one with spikes ;)

The ending sure has a dark tone to it. :U

Love the game though. :3

esayitch responds:

I'm glad you liked it :D

I like it. The art and the concept fits very well for me.
Still very short but pretty entertaining

esayitch responds:

Yup, didn't manage to make more content in the 72 hours of the jam :(

crashed my laptop

esayitch responds: