Reviews for "Abyssal Dream"

You made this game too easy :^)

esayitch responds:

I agree xD and some people say it is very hard tsk tsk tsk [Shake head]

Terrible controls, you have a perfectly good WASD key set that could be used for movement but instead you people insist on using x to jump, in what universe does that make sense. This key binding is pants on head retarded.

esayitch responds:

Well, considering W/UP is used for something aside from jumping... it was either arrows to move and X to jump or WASD to move and SPACE to jump. This is not an FPS.

Also, WASD is not AZERTY compatible so I'd have needed to also look up the AZERTY layout and also make it an option... in a 72 hour game jam I simply don't want to waste time on that :)

Got stuck after getting the 2nd upgrade. Can't get through the spike trap fast enough.

esayitch responds:

You can grow to the biggest size, that will make you invulnerable :D Wait for the "spikes" (actually an eruption but whatever) to go down, then immediately go right and grow to maximum size :)

Creating a game as involved in 72 hours Im sure isnt easy so I give you credit for that.

But as for the game, its just a little all over the place. The mechanics are a bit annoying to undestand and too much is involved. Im not sure what is the best way to go about this because I feel like Im learning new shapeshifting combos either too early or late in the progression of the game. (Meaning that I'll learn a combo and not even use it until a different section on the game) There is alot of back and forth pressing D to even look at the combos, losing valuable playing time and interest.

Its a cool concept just not executed well enough, but again, you did great for 72 hours.

esayitch responds:


Currently, the new shapes you acquire (especially the ones related to movement/size) should be used immediately (for instance, the wheels allow you to cross the lasers and are used extensively in that area).

I agree that the way I relay the instructions to the player (pressing D and looking at a combo "ceat sheet") is not ideal, but I made that in the last two hours of the competition xD I wanted to make it so specific key combos appear on the screen in relevant sections to guide the player to use stuff (similarly to X and C buttons, but dependent on the player's unlocked shape), but I just didn't have enough time to!

I hope you still enjoyed it after getting used to it :)

It was fun to master the shapeshifting, but just when I felt like I was getting the hang of it, the game was already over. I would really like to see a sequel with more levels and refined shapeshift forms.
In particular, the two final forms you get I feel are unnecessary. Beyond getting you up to the final stretch, the flying form doesn't add much. And the laser isn't useful when the final enemies kill themselves when they run into you.
But other than that, the game is a fine way to waste a few minutes.

esayitch responds:

Yeah, there was supposed to be another area to make use of the new forms, and a boss fight, but I ran out of time to make them (this was made for a game jam in 72 hours).