Reviews for "Abyssal Dream"

Short,but AMAZING, i think this would be great if expanded

This game... well I have to say it was rather interesting. A straightforward approach towards the "Shapeshift" theme of the game jam. A simple platformer, with upgrades that allow your character to change in shape and... size?! I feel as though the difficulty curse is not really well managed. The game get's kind of hard fast, and the button combinations required to press in order to change shape are relatively clunky to get. I feel like this game could've been a lot more if maybe it was designed in a different fashion. Either way, I have featured on the last part of my "Ludum Dare 35 Let's plays" video right here: https://youtu.be/gh7WJr0j9Wg . Nevertheless, don't give up and keep making better games.

Very good game m8

Well that was good

I, uh, I found this hard. I love it though.

esayitch responds:

Hahaha xD We still love you, 80sRemaker!