Reviews for "Abyssal Dream"

Great game. The combo thing is a different addition to a platformer, reminds me Megaman, mainly because of the shooter form. I think a intro cutscene about the story that you wrote in description would be nice. Also, transform into the speed form at the laser section was boring, because I had to transform at normal first, and then speedy again, die, transform at normal, etc.

However, the atmosphere and music is amazing. And I am very sure that if you made this as a Indie Game it would be a great addition. What about make each section with a different color? It would be a better atmosphere, even if the game was meant to resemble GameBoy.

4 Stars, good job!

Transforming should be more instant, but
in my opinion this game deserves more than a 3/5 rating.
despite the fact you had 72 hours time to make this game, it still does manage to be playable and fun , keep it up!

It has potential but this version is pretty poorly made. The controls for the morphing were clunky at best and that would not be so bad; however, since morphing is combined with platforming it all becomes a rather frustrating mess to play. Not in that good kind of frustrating like a Dark Souls or Super Meat Boy kind of way either, but rather in a cheap sort of way. The controls actually hurt to play when using a keyboard, the morphing makes the platforming unresponsive, and the morphing itself dose not always work when you input the commands. Not to mention for some reason the screen starts to shake in areas which causes lag and further ruins game feel.
It is a nice concept however and if you could find a way to make morphing more responsive and not so clunky, then I think you could have a good game. Nice try, but try better.

This deffinitely has potenital, but with a very improved version !

I liked the concept. Not so much the execution.

Having to transform by pressing a combination of buttons was clunky and pretty annoying.
This is especially true in certain segments where you had to switch mid run/jump.

I honestly couldn't enjoy it as much as I'd have wanted to.
Wouldn't mind seeing a more expanded and polished version of this project.