Reviews for "Abducted"

I found this game to be enjoyable. It was mostly because it just looked nice. I still don't think I have a single medal. It's amazing how complicated it all is. I'm so glad to have a walkthrough. The drawings are really nice in this.

You know how to create atmosphere. I just wish it was easier. It's still fun for me to explore everywhere. I recognize those sounds. This game is fine.

Haha, Batista... XD Love it, I really enjoyed the rooms. Great job, always looking forward to more!

the screwdriver was almost impossible to find x.x

Looks like the medals are not working... though I'm glad I could bring Dave Bautista's treasure back to him. Mostly because he decided to let me live.

selfdefiant responds:

Medals working on for most users, I think some with adblock had problems. I'm glad Dave let you live. :)

I really enjoy this. Live action was pretty good. But i miss some difficulty. It's good but it could be better.
Keep working on it you are doing great.