Reviews for "-Miami Hotline- Vol.3"

A bit too repetitive and predictable,it's mostly this synth with music box sounds followed by one cool drop and then repeated twice.
It would probably not be a problem for me if there was a verse. Here's the structure:intro,refrain,refrain bis,refrain,outro. It's just a very uninspired structured,it could have been cool if the beggining of the second refrain lead to something more unexcpected like another drop.
Still it is overall good,mostly because of the drop at the refrain,other than that it gets boring quickly afte a few listens.

Oh. My. God. That is one helluva drop. I have always loved hard dance like this. The bass is so twisted and distorted, the leads are awesomely powerful, and overall this song is a very professional sounding song! Could do with some more variety for the second drop though...

Yes! I love this song! Can I make a remix?

Demonicity responds:

go ahead dude


PS: Good song, love this style of the song.

this is so underrated