Reviews for "-Miami Hotline- Vol.3"

HOLY CRAP That drop is so good it gave me a cure for cancer, Its the best thing I have heard and It will take a long time to find something better than this.

Also reminds me a lot of rayman 3, Which is so Krazy :^)

its krazy man :^)

This is noice!! And Krazys level is amazing :o

The drop in this is really awesome, it actually reminded me a bit how I felt when I first listened to the Carpenter Brut tracks in HM2! I hope you don't mind if I've used this in a Geometry Dash level :P

First off, i voted 2 by accident from the bar on the side. SORRY :(
Now, onto the song. PLAIN AWESOME. The buildup sounded, how do i say, spooky, which matches up perfectly with the drop and the fact that you used samples from the PD2 Jacket, who i always considered to be way more of a psycho than the original Jacket, cosidering his trailer. The drop, even though it isn't very hotline miami styled is very cool!