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Reviews for "News Anchor Simulator"

While the concept for this game was interesting, it was certainly missing quite a bit.

I'll start by talking about the premise of this game. A news anchor trying to keep the people from revolting against the government. This is a very interesting premise and has a lot of potential to be a great game. I feel as though the story could be on par with the game "Papers, please." There could even be a choice system, where the player can decide what news to tell the truth about and what news to lie about. So in terms of ideas, this game has the potential to be great.

But those concepts weren't implemented in this game. I understand that was made during a game jam, and therefore there was a limited amount of content that you could add, however I feel the need to point out some of the obvious ones.

There really isn't a "story". As I said previously, the premise is interesting but without stating who I am, who I am talking with, where I work, where I live ect. it hard to really care about what happens.

The absence of music or sound effects ( other then the sound of an option being selected and people's reactions) is pretty noticeable and kind of distracting. A simple song loop or a speech sound effect would have helped this game a lot.

I encountered some of the same news bulletins multiple times, the one about Hepatitis C in particular. Again, I understand with limited time you can only have a limited number of news stories, but you seemed to know how long the game should last so it seems like you could have added enough news stories so that repeats wouldn't happen.

The art / animation is passable. The character designs are fine, the set design works and the font is also good. The shaking animation at the end did put a strain on my eyes, however this really isn't a problem seeing as the game had ended at that point.

Speaking of the game's ending I would have liked a more definitive end. A simple explosion sound effect, followed by a white light then a fade to black would have worked.

Once again I feel the need to state that I understand this was made in a limited amount of time, and the short comings were not necessarily your fault. I feel as though this is a great concept that has a lot of potential, and I feel with more time you could create something really good.

alithephantom responds:

Thanks for the review ..
I actually had a lot of those ideas too .. but unfortunately it didn't go well so i had to cut down a lot of features.

I will be sure to add your suggestions if I made a post-compo version