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Reviews for "THIS IS AMAZING"

Simple concept yet challenging and addictive! The only thing is I think the first 10 or so levels are way too easy but besides that, this is awesome. If you add more levels you should consider making this a mobile app. Anyway let me get back to figuring out the last one! Its driving me crazy. lol

This game was great, but it is so hard. I couldn't get past Level 12.

Super fun game!! Although the difficulty just kind of spikes out of nowhere, I had a great time with this little puzzle game. Really unique and incredibly satisfying concept.

Definitely adding to favorites! I look forward to sequel with even more levels!

This is amazing! That being said I accidentally dragged one of the cursors off screen and couldn't get it back on 16. Despite that glitch I still give it five stars for what it is. It could definitely be developed in to something bigger. That one guy who suggested different colors/color blending was really on to something. Great stuff here.

"One of the best game in Newgrounds." - Rogerup.com

JokerDenFromMR responds:

Nice default wordpress theme. Thanks!