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Reviews for "THIS IS AMAZING"

Great puzzle element :D

I must admit it was better than a game called "this is amazing" has the right to be. simple game play yet puzzling enough to make it challenging

Super fun game!! Although the difficulty just kind of spikes out of nowhere, I had a great time with this little puzzle game. Really unique and incredibly satisfying concept.

Definitely adding to favorites! I look forward to sequel with even more levels!

This is... Umm... Interesting? It's what the cool kids call "Oddly Satisfying" and I can definitely see why you named this game such a obscure name. Firstly, I LOVE puzzle games, it's a fun way to exercise your brain. Secondly, this game is getting 4.5/5 for one tiny nit pick reason but I'll get to that later.

+ Steady difficulty curve
+ Excellent minimalist design
+ Like I said before it's oddly satisfying when your shape covers where it needs to
+ A very complete game, has a reset button and everything. You'd be surprised how many flash games don't have that
+ It's easy to understand your objective; no tutorial needed
+ I'm a sucker for geometric shapes :3

* Maybe adds some background music or a sound effect when you move one of those points
* More levels? IDK 16 levels seems rather short

- The one negative I see in this game is you can move a point off screen and the only way to get it back on screen is to reset the level. This can a huge problem when you just found out about this bug and you're almost done with the level, but generally you will smart to not move the point off screen anymore after that.

Pretty much a perfect flash game. Everything about it was great and enjoyable, granted the game is pretty short, I finished through level 11 in roughly 10 minutes. But that level 12 is a tricky one :L Well done on this game :)

JokerDenFromMR responds:

Thank you for complex review!