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Reviews for "THIS IS AMAZING"

THIS IS GENERIC...phone game

Simplistic graphics work well in this environment, but it's got two major flaws:
-The main mechanic in not interesting enough, and it's tremendously easy if you just follow the lines.
-No music.

Other than that, design is solid and the color palette is gratifying.

I want more levels of this!

The first ones are just to easy, I really like the 8, 12 and 15.

Great work!

A really fun and interesting puzzle game... for the last 3 levels. The first half was incredibly easy and then it didn't get too much harder. Still, a very neat idea and well executed.

A colorful and fun series of puzzles. Difficulty varies wildly for me. The later levels were meant to be harder but some of the tough ones just clicked right away for me. Needs more screen shake and explosions but the bell dinging music that plays at the end of each solved puzzle and a small personal sense of accomplishment is satisfying enough for me.