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Reviews for "THIS IS AMAZING"

NIce concept and well made... Man this is AWESOME

Nice. Truth is, only level 15 gave me any challenge, but once I figured out the pattern, I did level 16 in few seconds just following it. Not that you can build much more from such a simple concept... Or maybe you could, by adding more than one color to fill? Like colors that overlap each other, changing into other colors (i.e. blue + yellow = green).

Still, it's a nice game for ludumdare. More of a concept that could be expanded, but it works and looks fun.

Seen something similar before, but a good type of puzzle game. Definitely needs to become more complex. 16 took a minute, but was the only "challenging" stage. It'd also be cool to add in some background music. Nothing extreme, just some thinking music.

Haha... I have to say I was truly amazed by this game. A really interesting and creative way of approaching the "Shapeshift" theme of the game jam. A puzzle game, that can be done in real life. A game that starts of rather simple, but then it suddenly jumps extremely high in difficulty on certain levels. I'm glad that you didn't have to get a perfect match in order to progress, but still the lack of saving in between sessions, and absolutely no music is kind of a let off. Still a decent game, that I have featured as the second one on my "Ludum Dare 35 Let's plays" video right here: https://youtu.be/gh7WJr0j9Wg . Either way, I can't wait to see more games from you in the future...

level 15 is HELL