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Reviews for "THIS IS AMAZING"

Interesting mechanic but way too easy. Also some music would be nice

I'll give you a 3 star rating because I like to think this is something like a demo for something more challenging, because the mechanics are soo good, and the concept is fine, so keep the great work n_n

I like the concept of this game, but it is ridiculously easy, the puzzles if we can call them that, you won't expend more than 10 seconds figuring the hardest one, you should use more complex figures with limited moves and time limit.

ok, the game, it's concept and it's mechanics work, but it's so pathetically easy.
I know that i souldn't judge a game on only it's difficulty, but that's all this game has, it has no music or sound effects (accept when you clear a level, but that isn't enough) and the concept is really unimpressive. the fact that all the puzzels are solved the same way makes it a really lackluster puzzle game. it only takes you two levels to understand what you're supposed to do and it never gets more challenging after that. you just take one point and then take the one next to it to it's position and move on, do this for 16 levels (wich is way to short BTW) and you win.
so in short, this game has a concept that has a no potential whatsoever and the is nothing else. no music, sound effects or anything that makes a game satisfying to play.

let's see if you can come up with a better concept for your next game.

A nice idea you had there. It looks really good and feels complete. Solid work here. It looks nice and feels nice as well. Though i had to redo some levels even when i found the solution because the bar simply wasnt filling up enough. As the other users suggested more levels would improve the game though im not sure how much more you can make out of this, maybe adding other simple gameplay mechanics like colour mix to help it gain gameplay depth so it keeps being interesting? Good job after all!