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Reviews for "Tales of Zale - Minisode 2"

This could've easily been a 5 if you put in more inbetweens

I have really been enjoying your work so far and this animation is no exception. It's fun to see your collaborations with other artists on this site. I can't wait to see more!

l feel bad for not Liking this more. I mean, it seems like I should give at least four and a half stars to every cartoon in this series. It’s interesting to think of this place as being abandoned by humans. I hope it doesn’t take place after the apocalypse or something. It would be too unpleasant. Then again, “Adventure Time” did it.

The artwork is as wonderful as ever. I don’t seem to remember these characters as well. They seemed different than the last webisode. Whatever, this is definitely fine. It just could have been longer and had more story.