Reviews for "Captain Tardigrade: Safety Tips"

RIP Timmy #3

Jokes aside this is really good

I really like your series with Captain Tardigrade. One thing only though, tartigrades aren't really extremophiles since they don't proliferate under extreme conditions they just survive being in the dormant state. Anyway good job!

The Tard should be a bard

what???? xDDDD

Lol, okay if you are going to go for the whole 1950's space captain hero thing... Use the music. A good example of what I mean is


these tracks, in a well placed theme, could make your story have a bit of flare that fits the theme you are aiming at. However I wont complain. Honestly the movie is good and I could see a lot of audio issues could happen like maybe missing some dialogue cause of the music being too loud.
I laughed, it was funny, and the jokes are well timed and well placed. Just some people don't 'get it' as for the audio quality I have a feeling that was on purpose for the theme is old 1950's space captain.