Reviews for "Royal Heroes"

no achievements no sound no quality dude!

Badim responds:

15 achievements are in game, sound too - dont forget to turn on your speakers/phones.
Quality - it is not a 3d game =)

Pretty adictive, good music and mechanics.

Nice game guys i have it on steam thanks and also mrDN nice avatar remindes me of Deadman Wonderland <3 that show :D

the steam game is great for time killing.

It's great, with minor flaws.

The art is pretty great, but some of the death sprites are just the normal sprite but flipped on its back. But the sprite work is really good! I have a special taste for pixel art in games, so it's great from my view.

The music is good, even though the looping song fading in and out is driving me crazy, It's okay. The in game sounds aren't really unique, I've only heard like 3 different sounds for attacking in the game.

There are a few things in the game that were pretty annoying, like the lack of explanations for some things, like how to get blacksmith blueprints or when I get spells and how some of the characters skills works, like holy. Another thing was how your troops were placed, I had a bunch of archers, but they spawned in the front so they'd always die before I even had a chance of using them effectively, and my knights being placed in the far back, most of my troops were dead before the knights even did anything.

Another small nitpick I had was that the first area was filled with goblins, and were called goblins at the very start at the game, but then call them green peasants in the encyclopdia, why not just call them goblin warriors or something? And goblin archers being called Green Arrow. Like the DC superhero?

But I would say it's a pretty decent game, it has it's ups and downs but I would want to see this on the front page. Good job!