Reviews for "Royal Heroes"

The game isn't bad, but it isn't good either. It's definitely more good than bad, hence my 3.5 star rating, but it lacks a variety of things - like a more dynamic gameplay and a more relevant upgrade system. A fast forward button for the battles would be really nice, since just watching the battles is really boring and time consuming before you have any spells. It's fun to play for a while, then it gets very repetitive. It's not even frustrating or annoying as some defense strategy games are - some people, myself included can take energy and drive to win out of frustration - it's just boring.

Anyways, not a bad game, it's worth a try. :D

You claim it's the ads slowing down the game, but you have to understand now....I have no ads because im a Supporter on NG, removing all ads. It's not the ads slowing the game down, it's the programming. You need to fix this. I have a fast gaming computer, high end, and inbetween clicks it lags. A smooth-running game shouldn't do that.

I found it hard to enjoy this game simply because of that, I shouldn't have to deal with a frustrating click problem. Sorry guys. 3 stars for effort and nice graphics.

good graphics, nice sounds, solid gameplay but it could use some polishing (like a better battlefield)

Very laggy and I have a beastly machine.

UI elements just have a delay after use and it's a full freeze of game so it just makes it feel very amateur and unpolished.

The aesthetics and game design are great though and I am still playing it idly. (just leaving it open and repeatedly running same levels until I can upgrade enough to do much higher levels. Rinse repeat and enjoy the way the game keeps adding more stuff like more abilities/spells/blueprints/etc.

Please fix the lag.

Badim responds:

If a game is too slow for you - just get some spells. That will keep you busy during battle.
If a game is lagging - try disabling ads on page(NG supporter for example will release your CPU from ads as well).
If you feel that you dont have enough gold - try rearrange your army, position them better, craft appropriate items. It is fun to have All-DPS army, but it will not work. This is strategy, not a time clicker.
You have to have tanks, dps, support at proper positions.

I found this to be a good game. I just didn't like how repetitive it was. It still has really nice graphics. I'm not sure if it's sprite work. Dang, did I lose by a close margin. Anyway, it's still nice to have a good understanding of everything.

I know you can't just go on playing forever. I'm drawing a blank after I first lose. The music is pretty good. I just like the fine details. I personally don't think it's great, but I enjoyed it.