Reviews for "Royal Heroes"

We need 2x and 3x speed buttons.

pretty awesome game. only thing that gets annoying quickly is that farming takes forever. any hint on where to find the button that makes me warp??? how about an option to choose lower graphics to reduce lag?

Badim responds:

To find warping follow this steps:
- goto steampowered com
- games -> activate product
- use T2B4C-J363G-W5I36 or K8QYZ-LX4F4-0XET5 to unlock warping

this game has a lot of potential it just needs to be more clear on a lot of stuff, but i still love it, so i rate 5/5 but needs more content and clarification.

Nice game but the soundtrack is such a blatant ripoff of Tesla Defense...it is kind of sad.

Badim responds:

it is impossible - http://rynde.bandcamp.com/album/royal-heroes
It is not a like at all.

There's a couple things here that bother me.

First off, the tavern. Random drafts are fine, and having special items that trigger a refresh is also fine. But trophies either need to be more plentiful, or the gold cost of refreshing with gold in place of a trophy needs to be reduced a lot. 10,000 gold for bronze? 25,000 for silver? 90,000 for gold? It's just way, way, WAY too much. Grinding at the highest level that I can manage (49) would take 48 battles in order to refresh at the gold level.

Furthermore, there isn't even a guarantee that what you get from the tavern is going to be useful to you. You can only make so many strategies when your army consists of warriors, archers, and 3 mages because the tavern keeps screwing you.

Speaking of mages, let's talk about my 3. I have one with heal, one with freeze, and one with curse.

The one with heal has almost no effect on fights. Since I don't have control of his heal and can't even see that he uses it, the only reason I keep him in my army is for a little magic damage.

The one with curse makes about as much of a difference as the one with heal. I only keep him for extra magic damage.

Now, the mage with frost... he can be great. If I get lucky and he uses his ability on a hero (instead of wasting it on a minion) and if I get even luckier, the hero doesn't resist the spell. This mage made the first 2 tests of strength and wisdom very easy for me.

Another thing that bothers me is the lack of information regarding abilities.

How large is the aura range for my heroes? Does it affect all the troops around that hero, or just the ones that are part of his army?

How much does the heal move heal for?

Why do units just drop dead and come back as skeletons when fighting horus? How do I counter it? Not even stuff like death resilience aura can stop it.

Lastly, some suggestions.

Let us have the ability to redo the skills for our units.

If we fire a hero, let us get gold back from it to be spent on whatever we were going to replace it with.

Let us at least set target priority for hero abilities. seeing freeze wasted on a skeleton while medusa tears your ranks apart is frustrating.

Make the tavern a little more favorable for your players. I had one start where the tavern gave me 1 pirate and 4 warriors to choose from. How am I suppose to make a strategy with that?

I like the game, but the point that I hit is going to require an absurd amount of grinding in order to proceed.

Badim responds:

Hey, tnx for your review.
Pirate and 4 warriors - is a great start, in my opinion. And you will get a free tavern refresh - if you will hire all avaible staff =)

For spell priorities - I can make that, but probably for steam version. If you can - plz try it on steam as well - MXJ4D-C7MWI-0F4MD (it is a little different game overthere - and I can update it more offten)