Reviews for "Royal Heroes"

Really really love the game :P But have finished it already.....soo im thinking about buying it on steam for more content.

BUT will i have too start a new game and lose all progress? :P

Props from Sweden

It is quite an impressive game, with the need of additional strategical elements. Grinding merely, makes the game repetitive after a while.

However, there is not a greater joy, compared to eliminating Edward the Vampire. Nice touch there.

Art is wonderful. 8 directional sprite is rare these days, even though a lot were carried directly from Royal Offense.

Music is the same as Royal Offense, rather dull after a while.

Gameplay is just repetitive grinding with no strategy involved.

Yes, place damage dealers behind tanks count as a strategy. but, that's just basic common sense. What is out there beyond that? Nothing, since you cannot control units.
The end game boil downs to adding as much troop as possible, and off you go, into the stage where everything thing lags terribly because there're so many things flying across the screen and so many units clashing together. I cannot see where my heroes are at all. It's a mess.

You can customize units, craft stuff, level up magics.
That's all very nice.
But in the end it's just a grueling grinding game.

Refreshing needs grinding, leveling up needs grinding, crafting needs grinding...oh god.

Lack of explanation on crafting/recycling is confusing.
Since the quality of item you craft is tied directly with specific names (for example bronze, iron, steel...etc), and the fact that the quality you get is random, I get bronze gear from crafting using only steel as ingredients. That makes zero sense.(At first I thought it's a bug)

There's no mention of whether you can upgrade the quality of gears through recycling. (Tip:Recycling 9 gear of the same quality in bulk seems to guarantee an upgrade. This is how you get legendary gear. Mixing qualities seems equals to throwing lesser ones away.)

You cannot throw any gear or ingredient away(aside from recycling) and you cannot sort them. Have fun looking for what you need in a messy inventory.

I do have to mention that I get quite a blast from modifying save files to recruit enemy units and make super soldiers. That's where I actually find this game fun to play.(And thank god much much less lags.)

That reminds me, as an earlier review has mentioned, Horus stages are really weird. I don't know if they have a bonus damage against tank types but even my hacked tank with over 30k hp can't survive 10 seconds. And yet they seem to do moderate damage against mages.
Normal tanks just crumble as soon as they are in contact and come back as hostile skeletons, even though there's no mention of revive skills on Horus in the encyclopedia.
Not something a parade of polymorph mages can't handle though.

To summarize, this is just a rehash of Royal Offense with additional units and some tiny bits, but that's all.
Same problems shared between titles shows little concern about refinement and polish. (Again, on the game itself. Art is really top-notch.)

Badim responds:

Tnx for review.
Here are more then 70 units in game currently - twice as much compared to Royal Offense.
To ease off grinding - here are raid tickets that you can use to speed up proccess.
I think we failed a balance for NG version. If you can - plz try steam version - 7PEK5-DH3CW-V8420
It is more balanced and more content. Over 60mb! We can not add that all here.

PS tanks in front of dps - is not a optimal formation here =)

Not bad, but too much boring grinding.

Badim responds:

My son was able to beat 50% of game without extra grinding.
But he was playing steam version. Maybe we balance better that version.
Here is a key to try it - PGX2I-AGWA6-4DCN3

Seriously, newgrounds, 3137 ads blocked???

Badim responds:

It is not me. More important - those ads are slowing down a lot this game.