Reviews for "Royal Heroes"

I had so many problems with this game. I really wanted to give it an honest shot because of how amazing of a concept this is. Here is some stuff I had heavy issues with.
1. Progression; the game moves so slowly that I've been on it for 5 hours and I'm only about half way through
2. Upgrading; Everything costs so much gold to upgrade in comparison to how much you get per victory, I ended up having to sacrifice some upgrades for others, grinding for hours on end, and even with three stars in every area up to the 6th one, I still had so much grinding to do.
3. The F*cking Blacksmith; I use 3 redwood and 3 flax to make a bow. Ends up being a pine bow. What the hell?! It'd be one thing if resources were easy to come by, but I could've been grinding for hours and still wouldn't have gotten that back, again with three stars in every area. This honestly ended up being the reason why I had to stop playing. I was so frustrated at getting pine bows.
4. Blueprints; I love this idea when it's implemented correctly. I really do. But for whatever reason, my first two were the encyclopedia and the staff. After playing for 5 hours, I so far have yet to unlock a character or even see one who uses either of these items. I'm sure it'd be great if I actually had a caster, but I don't. And I probably won't unless I grind up the money to unlock a 4 star character. which takes ridiculously long to do.
5. Speed; Why on earth did you not put in a double speed option? My troops move at the speed of smell, which would be great if I were playing an idle game, but I'm not.

Besides those things, this is an amazing game that I would love to see patched and updated to fix these issues. The concept is phenomenal, and I really hope to see more work from you.

Badim responds:

most of those items are fixed in steam version.
Plz try it there - http://store.steampowered.com/app/439920
Here is a key - NCHXN-XAPMM-0JN6R

the game is good for a long while but after a while farming gets a bit ridiculous and if you dont watch everything happen nothing happens which can be annoying for when your waiting for the battle to end.

It is a good game but it has 2 bad things = Movements are slow arrows are lame that makes the game boring ti'll the battle ends. 2 There's not much explanation when I started the only thing that I knew was buy heros and rally them then fight fix those two things and it will be a pretty good game

Badim responds:

I have added some more tutorials and some quests to steam version.
Plz try it there - http://store.steampowered.com/app/439920
Here is a key - 4IV68-HCJC3-ERPGT

This game is fun, to a certain point. There are a few things I found rather annoying but weren't deal breakers.

1) When did the game explain to me how the rally system works and that their set-up actually effects where they're placed on the battlefield? Did I skip over it? Maybe...but it wasn't until Thessalonike that I realized it did and I actually started playing this game with strategy.

2) Tavern & spell slots have a ridiculous cost jump for very little pay off. Why save money for cups in the tavern when I can level my current troops ten fold? Why buy more magic slots when the magic doesn't really have much of a payoff (Until higher levels)? Though I at least understand with the magic slot purchase that you could just load up with a bunch of weak spells and wreck face if slots were cheaper.

3) So my characters level up...but then I need to purchase the level up? At the beginning it wasn't so bad, but later when you have 20 troops leveling up almost simultaneously you can't keep track of them all or even purchase all their levels.

4) Low variety in skills to purchase (Which I also didn't notice were even in the game until later)

5) No quality (High, med, low) option or speed option (To speed up battles). Because there's no way to change the quality, 20 second battles become 30-40 because of lag :(

Other than these few things, I rather enjoy the game and it is an addicting time passer. Keep up the good work, and if you are to make another game I hope you take in my/others critiques and improve upon/expand this game :)

Badim responds:

I do work on this game alone - so it takes some time. I did cut cornes on some obvius stuff for me - but I spent too much time at playing games.
You can add more slots and upgrade magic, more stuff on steam version, and you can warp - to increase your difficulty =)
Plz try it there - http://store.steampowered.com/app/439920
Here is a key - 4DVHV-CJFFK-QMYET

this game was fun at start but got quick boring for many factor

(RANDOM hero) - some hero are crucial to the game like mage they cast high domage meteor that is way too abusif

(Troup lvup and size) - there nearly no reason at all to either boost both troop lv and size
(lvup = wasting money on troop that even if max out will get one shoot 90% of the time)- "most of the time by AOE abillity" and size (same problem as troop lvup) - "why over 5k gold for a unit that will mostly get one hit in AOE" ----- (only archer size army is Worth it)

(Random loot) - I dont understand at all the loot mechanic of this game (mats, magic rune, hero reroll, blueprint)
1.Mats --seem mats power lv dont depend on the stage you are you can still manage to get lv 1 mats on high lv stage
2.Magic rune --seem rare as hell and are both required to either get a RANDOM spell or lvup a spell
3.Hero reroll -- a lame item to get a RANDOM hero with more star that might be useless
4.Blueprint ---......really blueprint is as good as losing a loot since i figured out 5 recipe i didnt get the blueprint for
5.Quantity --- you get 5 for completing first time and then only 2 for replay

The mage class
-there many mage in this game but it seem some of the come with useless spell
-curse- (lowering enemy domage) barely do anything since archer deal way too much domage comparason to melee troup
-heal- this spell first time i got it a was like yeaaaa this will be helpfull (dunno how much it heal up) but then i was like really this is a Healing spell ...... it heal a random troop that got hurt (most of the time my weakess melee troup(not hero) right after they took a single Arrow of domage and it cost my healer its entire mana bar

and here come what made me just quit the game
that system is as stupid as it could EVER get.
"high power material" are pretty damn rare and some recipe cost 8 piece of metal (armor plate) and my major complain is that
(to get a lv 3 equipement it required lv 3 MATS) BUT using lv 3 MATS gonna RANDOMLY give you any equipement "equal" or " ?!? WEAKER ?!? " of the MATS LV you use.
so trying to get good equiment for hero is just boring and stupid

but here the positif
i like those kind of game where you line up your entire troop and a simple unit position diferently can make the diference between a win and a lost

the passif ability you can purchase for your hero is pretty good -but some need more explanation(finisher???)

sorry if my English is bad English not my main language
keep working on those game too much RANDOMNESS can get pretty boring pretty fast

Badim responds:

I have fixed most of it - and improved blacksmith expirience on steam version.
PM me - I'll sent you a key for it, if you d like that.