Reviews for "Royal Heroes"

The game isn't really intuitive (might be because much like the vast majority of players i skipped over the tutorial), i spent a large amount of time not using any skills because when i first checked them at level 1 there were none available and then as i leveled up there was no way to see if i have new character skills so i didn't check.
There should be some basic crappy blueprints available right off the bat in the blacksmith to make it clear to the player just how important crafting stuff is.
Also if i get it on steam will I be able to import the mobile save or do i have to start over?

tnx for writing some tips. Can also download at App Store fun to play mobile.
fun to re arrange heroes! maybe can add some nude stuff to get 6/5 rating.

Overall, not a bad game, and it has potential. Great concept, music and graphics mesh well together. It reminds me a lot of "Majesty", only without having to worry about resources. Game play still needs some work, so I can't give it much higher than 3 stars for now. I'm a level 32 with an army size of 21/21, this is the point of view I write this review from, so I feel I have played the game enough to comment on it.

The music itself has a few issues with the loop repeating seamlessly from time to time (during battles), but not bad. It seems very fitting for this type of game, not overboard, and seems to balance at that "Just Right" point.

The graphics are not bad, and should translate to mobile nicely. However, I seem to experience issues during battle, esp. with larger fights with lots of "troops". It seems to bog down, and reduce game play to a crawl. I'm playing on a decent laptop, so I'm not sure how a phone or tablet could possibly keep up.

I agree that a better tutorial would be nice, since this version seems to "throw you to the wolves", but you have addressed that in previous comments. More information on spells and how to use them would be nice, as well as what spells are available at various levels as well as how to unlock them.
More information on the other classes before you unlock them in the encyclopedia and how to obtain them would be great. I unlocked the blueprint for the book and staff a long time before I got the classes that could use them. I'm not sure if you have added this in other versions, but it would be nice to have the information so I have something to look forward too.

Blacksmith... Okay, I know you addressed this in previous comments, but I don't think this can be covered enough. Like everyone else, I dislike the using power 5 items to get junk. 1% chance I could see, but not 5/6 times that I use power 5 resources should I get a basic "fire deadly ring". The math here should be reviewed.
A quicker way to add resources to the "Box" would be nice, instead of drag and drop 1 at a time. A cape takes 7 "thread" resources, so when I want to add 7 silk (power 5), I dislike having to drag and drop all 7 individually each time. This is esp. true when I just unlocked the blueprint and want to outfit that slot for a whole army of 20. If anything, could you at least add a "make multiple" option for it? Even if it gives you various versions of the item you're making, it would be better than spending hours just moving the resources to the box. This is worse than grinding the money to make the items to begin with.
I also have yet to see this "recycle items" option, but I would really like to see a "Sell" option for items. I could use some of the money back to pay for "Barrack Upgrades".

"Steam Version" . . . I don't like to use steam that much any more, and have no desire to use steam (Kind of why I'm writing this review here on Newgrounds). If you're going to release an updated version, I feel you should release it across the board. Asking people to use the "Steam version" is like asking them to pad your steam download count in my opinion, esp. since you didn't mention the "App Store", or "Google Play" versions. It's like saying: "I know you found my game here, but this version doesn't matter to me anymore. So thanks for the support up to this point, but go to 'Steam' or go away." Doesn't bode well with me, and says that you don't have much loyalty for your fans so far (in my opinion). I hope I'm wrong here, because your game does have a lot of potential.

In any case, good luck to you and your team. I hope to see better versions of this game in the future.

Badim responds:

I develop this game alone. Every time i give out a key - i give out a copy of my game. I dont mind in generaly, but I need some way to fund my expences, and fund my next games.

Game is also on mobiles - and it is free there. It is written in man menu as well. I mention steam version - for a reason - you play on newgrounds - then it means you have a Desctop/Notebook -> you can use steam. I have no idea if you have android/idevice.

I can not support NG version - look at this rating =) It is my worst game here.
(but funny fact - I ll update it soon with minor changes and ng achievements =)

It's a good game, and I like the idea and gameplay a lot. But after a while it gets really, really grindy to the point it gets annoying, and the refunding of items or creating them seems bugged. I don't think I should get pine bows, when I use 3 redwoods in the 3 wood slots available. Then I check if it's really randomized and keep using pine wood, and yep, sometimes I just get redwood bows with pine. Would be nice if you balanced that out a little bit more in a patch or your next game. Nice time-waster and new enemies and challenges do keep it entertaining. 4/5 stars.

Badim responds:

Tnx. If you like it - switch to steam version - 7776R-8804D-GIHIP =)

really like the game, slightly slow paced but it keeps me busy I guess.
no idea how to recycle items, so I'll just forget about that badge I guess.

definitely require a way to speed up the game a bit (grinding without it makes me sad)
as the other guy said, the blacksmith is a piece of shit. I always get low tier items even while crafting with higher tiers. Legendary item? yet to be seen.

I love how you apparently can "guess" blueprints. I just wish I could figure out a few more
A few slowdown during fights, I'll guess that's a limitation of flash.

a good game, no idea what I'll do once I finally beat it.

Badim responds:

Tnx! Switch to steam version - it is more fun - YENY4-JEY29-YHGTL =)