Reviews for "Voodoo Trump"

Jason Voorhees LOL, so sad how many Donald Trump followers you can find here, love the MK reference too, :)

Pretty bad.
It is easy do humor in this way, but I had 0 fun. Maybe just one joke made me smile, but the rest are unfunny or even vulgar without reason.
Command/grafic/technical stuff are the minimum for complete a release.
It was easy do humor on this character, but this app fail completely on that purpose, it's just a waste of time.

having controls listed in game is a must for me. but since it was a jam, i'll let that one go. noise quality was very poor, the game concept seemed shoddy even for a 5 day game. turned it off after a couple of minutes of not knowing how/what to do.... keep workin at it!

Munguia responds:

you need to press the keys of the keyboard, you can start with 1 or 2 or 3 or a or f or j or m or n or l, even my 5 years old son can handle it, keep wonking at it

Seriously, seeing shit like this is getting old. The guy doesn't have any racist, sexist, or fascist policies. He does have prejudicial religious policies and nationalistic pride that is borderline imperialist. However, despite that, he's still clearly the best presidential candidate we have. So if you want to criticize him, at least try targeting his real faults and not media slander.

Munguia responds:

It just a game man, be nice

A Bernie supporter I suppose. If so, good to see your candidate do his job, that is, crashing and BERNing!

Munguia responds:

Just a game man, dont get Trump