Reviews for "Sim Fighter"

You seriously underestimated Chuck Norris in this game.
Did you know that Chuck invented the statistics himself?
That was during the 8th day, just after creating the world.

Game was interesting with the build up concept. But I wish there was a more interactive way to gain strength's and weaknesses. For instance it would be cool if you could train of various martial arts instead of distributing points. And it would be nice to see the points you invest in the start from the choices appear in the final part. It has a good start but the finishing touches are bad. Also suggestion, add Krav Maga.

I'd apprepiate some fast forward button for the fights. I like the customization of character and the training thing - that's imho well done. I like the opponents.

This is a lousy chance based game....

I like it. Especially the Cosplaypictures!

Maybe you could ad an ingame mute button, not only at the beginning!