Reviews for "Sim Fighter"

Feel kind of bad fighting Chuck Norris after what we went though after Sim Apocalypse but always knew it going to come to this after Lisa Ann joined the group.
Really great game you got here.

Fun game easy to play and more points for the list of fighter but Mr popo to strong i had a super long fight with him and hit 5 missed 114...

Needs a bit of work. There is much good ideas below. If you will develop sequel it would be 5 stars game - i'm sure.

Entertaining little game, but it feels a little bit thrown. Some things are missing such as an avatar for our character, maybe a little more in depth skill management and some more input as to what is actually going on during the fight. Other than that, amusing little game to pass some time.

An amusing take on those auto-brawlers, however with some flaws...

For once, you've collected all those nice cosplayer pictures, movie chars and photos of actual people who were or still are active in martial arts/bodybuilding. On it's own that's quite nice, however you've failed to include even just one eXemplary male/female picture to use for our own fighter, leaving us with a nameless and faceless silhouette.
Another thing are the battle mechanics which are pretty intransparent, in the 5 attempts I did before writing this the only thing that was pretty apparent is that the dodge stat is game breaking. I'm constantly missing on enemies with less than or around 70% dodge (1 hit out of 15 is pretty biased RNG and that's more common than it should be)! I'm aware it's RNG and all that but hitting enemies with 85+ dodge is but a waste of (our) time.
On top of that raising your own dodge comes with severely diminishing returns... While I do understand that you don't want players to reach 100 dodge having to spend pretty much a full 14 turns (almost 1/3rd of your total time, using a maX dodge build!) of raising agility to reach 90%. Considering that detail it's quite taunting to be presented with frequent 85+% (even up to 95%!) dodge enemies from quarter finals onwards that ALSO come with quite impressive stats in all other compartments.
Did you even use actual possible character builds to generate the enemies' stats or did you simply made them up? (Like Saitama seems to be with his triple 999. But okay, he's to live up to his title so I'll ignore him for that matter. :P)
NeXt thing, why are you mocking speed builds, which, given the dodge RNG, seem to be the only suitable counter aside from having 85+ dodge on your own? I haven't figured the eXact numbers (nor do I bother at this point) but you seem to deduct somewhere between 12-13% per hit with a minimum of 10 speed for each hit. (Had a build with 900 speed where my first hit left me with only 790 speed... !) With that in mind going any higher than 140 speed is a waste because that's from my observation the final frontier at which you keep an overall 1 hit per 10 speed. I again can figure the idea behind that but the eXecution is just ridiculous.
My attempts to go full tank were completely and utterly fails with the dodge rates the enemies have. I didn't even start to try figuring how armor affects the damage dealt, it feels somewhat iffy however. Not gonna bother with it anyways, because screw it... Seriously.

Ultimately from the 5 runs I did I ended up winning the finals once, vs. Naruto, from somewhat less than a dozen times of even reaching the finals in the first place. Way too bad odds for me to warrant any further time investment.
It however made me chuckle that the game chose Tom Fulp as my very first opponent. Bummer you didn't make him a total pushover for a bigger chuckle but the game's got bigger issues really...

Blobzone responds:

I get your points and agree with (most of) them. Its always hard finding the right balancing so i ended up with THIS (which in my opinion is one of the better "formulas" for the fights).

Yeah, the RNG is pretty fucked up. Still glad, that you finished the game and wrote this wall of text for me (it shows that you care about me <3 )

I probably didnt answer all your questions, but atm i really dont know what to write.

Have a nice day, thanks for playing and so on.

Cheers :3