Reviews for "Sim Fighter"

I fought Tom Fulp and Hulk Hogan. Wow.

Beat Saitama on my first time reaching the final.... on year 49!!! Best gaem evah!

999/10 would one punch again

Did you add John Cena.I wanna fight with him.

Blobzone responds:

You can fight against Mr.Cena in the qualifying Rounds.

Life story:
I with my 1 year as a baby I los the qualifications to old aged man with boxing gloves
Then I trained for years
I dumped the old mans alone, and trained again for years.
Every same routine,
Eat YG, bodybuild, evade tomatoes, only to on final win saitama alone...




37/10 would play again <3

Pretty fun game to play, the only reason I didn't give it a full 5 stars was because you mislabeled Sabu as his uncle, The Shiek