Reviews for "Sim Fighter"


First off, not an idle game.
Second off, it's unbalanced to the point where I just don't wanna play it same reasons everyone else has played it.

I like the style of the sim series you do but please.. When I suggested making Sim Apocalypse more interactive I mean't being able to choose items and abilities like in Battleground Legends...

This isn't a step backwards... it's a fall backwards.

Really nice concept, and some interesting character choices xD

I'm sure loads of people have pointed this out already, but the dodge mechanic is a source of serious stress. I focused on having high speed so I could put in as many hits as possible, went up against someone with low speed and a low dodge percentage but high damage and sat and watched as they dodged 25 HITS to then go and one-shot me (even though I had 86 dodge.) I'm assuming it's a random number generator, but some kind of bias needs to be introduced somewhere, depending on the dodge percentage etc.

Thus, 4 stars for concept and the other mechanics, which work really nicely. Half a star dinged for the dodge mechanic, and another half because I'm salty about that one-shot (and that my ass trained for 50 years and lost at the finals consistently)

It's a pretty decent game, but the one thing that frustrates me is this: how do the dodges work? Is that just RNG? Both my dodge and speed are considerably higher than the finale character, for example, but they rack up like 11 dodges in a row for some reason.

Blobzone responds:

Yeah, the RNG is pretty fucked up. Speed only decides how often you can attack before the enemy and has nothing to do with the Dodge. The Dodge is the % whether you can dodge an attack or not.

For me this was boring but i understand what you tried to do and i like the music and the pictures

Blobzone responds:

Thank you for that generous rating regarding your opinion about the game :)