Reviews for "Doopie Doodles Episode 2: Valentine"

This was very great! Your still animation is very expressive and detailed which made your story very humorous to follow, especially with your descriptive similes. The highlight of your short though had to be your stellar narration voice. Your innocent, positive voice really helped the audience get an idea of what you were feeling during your valentines and made them feel happy they heard it. You have a great formula for success and yes, I'm sure we'd love to hear more of your stories!

MY GOD I love how adorable and pure and innocent your voice sounds. Definitely my favorite part of this video. Animation, pacing, story, and ending were all great too!

Nice and cute!

lol ouch

You have a pretty and pretty cute voice though so I can never understand why girls like you (and so many out there) don't get vday offerings.

Nice animation and I love your use of humor in b/w lines, a few are a liiiittle too fast but its okay.

And yes, one of the best parts is the expressions and poses much from anime. The animation isn't over the top or fancy but it conveys appropriately.

Good luck with everything though. Maybe you've got some stuff off your chest in terms of your past but you seem pretty well off now. Judging by the art you give for your brother when he's 'away from home' and the reaction at the very end of the video I'd say you two are pretty close. Life still looks good for you and in the future!

this is too damn cute.... and i'm okay with that :)