Reviews for "Ace Attorney In a Nutshell"

lol I thought that it was going to end with him saying the white dot was bird poop, proving the bird had been in the apartment, proving that the BIRD was murderer all along. :o

Hilarious animation! Definitely laughed at this more than anything I've seen on this site in years, if not more than everything I've seen on this site.

that was amazing hahahah,i love how one frame of the guilty part you remove the girl's clothes,sneaky

amazing for a phoenix wright fan! so ironic, true and funny!

Never gets old.

2 witnesses got poisoned during cross-examinationand the new game where the court room got bombed.TIME TO BRING OUT THE BULLSHIT... I meant evidence. They questioned a chicken. By the time they got to poor Miles who was raving an epilepsy atack I was on the floor and at -00:22 at the end all I have to say: YUKKY!!!!.