Reviews for "Ace Attorney In a Nutshell"

The camera angle change is odd. You can see the blue guy at left then he seems to be at right of de judge. Over all, fanny animation.

I never knew about the game, but I've seen a lot of "Objection!" memes & now I don't see them unless I Google it. 7:51 XD

lol I thought that it was going to end with him saying the white dot was bird poop, proving the bird had been in the apartment, proving that the BIRD was murderer all along. :o

Hilarious animation! Definitely laughed at this more than anything I've seen on this site in years, if not more than everything I've seen on this site.

Okay, this was overall really amusing xD
I've played like, almost all of the first one, and it's pretty accurate hehe.
Good job on this, hit most the right spots ^^

LOL, that was so damn hilarious. And there's a new Pheonix Wright anime out now too. Oh man, the bullshit, I mean, thinking outside the box...