Reviews for "Ace Attorney In a Nutshell"

amazing for a phoenix wright fan! so ironic, true and funny!

that was amazing hahahah,i love how one frame of the guilty part you remove the girl's clothes,sneaky

This is great!!!

I'm sorry. I voted 4 on this the first time I watched instead of 5. So all the times (it's literally been like 30 time now) that I have watched this since it came out I see the 4 vote and it mocks me. But I had reasons for this at the time.

Anyway, this is a great parody. It's hilarious and partly because it is true. It hits on a lot of the silly or unrealistic stuff from the series. But even someone with limited context of the series would probably find this funny and still be able to sort of understand what you were saying. The main thing, aside from a few minor grammatical errors, is that some of the text is incredibly hard to read. Actually, nearly impossible to read given the millisecond blurb it's up there. For example, the first time I watched this, I literally tried for 20 minutes to pause on the spot between 4:11-4:07 or 6 with the last straw and will die comment and with the bring out the bullshit/think outside the box comment at 4:05. At 4:06 remaining, but only in the precise spot during that second, can you pause to read the text with references to Matt Engarde and the courtroom being bombed. That was way too hard to do.

All in all, it is a minor complaint in a great parody. And if I were to vote again, I would likely give this a 5 due to how funny it is and how many times I rewatched it. But it shouldn't be THAT hard to read the text. I mean come on!

Oh my god, I think that was singularly the funniest thing I've seen since 2016 started. Smooth animation, the jokes were on point, and I can't find anything to complain about. Maybe I'm biased since I always loved Phoenix Wright, but nonetheless 5.5 and a sub (both more than well-earned).