Reviews for "Dandy Cave Explorer"

Nice One Button Game, but I find the music quite repetitive. Only at the last level the music change.
Futhermore, Sometime when I die, the game think that I die multiple time at once and the "die" noise became loud for no reason.

Still Nice Game through.

PS : The "Treasure Hunter" Medal don't work for me.

This game is really, really frustrating but also really, really fun. I think the frustration comes from the fact that you're not actually in control of Dandy, and you've gotta force yourself into the rhythm of the level. In lieu of full control, it'd be nice to have a reset button so you don't hafta kill yourself after every small mistake. All in all though, It's great fun.

I don't know why. but i played it until the end. Was weird you didn't play any music until the very end, and the sound effects were ugh.

Other than that it was kinda neat, I liked how the enemies line up perfectly with your jumps. Neat.

Primajin responds:

There is music throughout the entire game.

Likes to freeze on level 19 a whole lot! You have to get a lucky run where completing level 19 doesn't freeze the game.

Secondly, any level with blobs will occasionally glitch and the blobs won't be in the right places so you literally must die if this happens (ruining an otherwise perfect playthrough).

Thirdly, some of the high jumps don't always work correctly so instead of jumping onto the platform you instead might be bumped backwards and probably lose.

game doesn't load