Reviews for "Dandy Cave Explorer"

this is great! the music is fantastic, the graphics are colorful and bright, and the levels are fun and challenging. the only thing i have to complain about is that sometimes jumping doesn't work. i'm using a mouse, so i have no idea what's going on there.

I liked this game, mostly because I was pretty good at it. It's just great to have such clear cut gameplay. I still had to figure things out more and more. It was interesting how it became a puzzle game after awhile. You really have to keep an eye out for everything. It got harder to figure out what to do.

It wasn't just about pressing the buttons at the right time. It showed real diversity. That's always creative. The sound effects were nice and cute. It was just good as a time waster.

Good game, but the controls were not responsive for me at times. I tried with the mouse and the space bar, and still at some points when I clicked/pressed he didn't jump. [I'm using chrome, if that has anything to do with it].

Loved the sequel and I shared it on reddit. :)
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Ah thanks bud :) - Haha that carbonmade website is like super outdated, I should really update it!

Help me! i found a bug at level 28, the slimes are going out of the pataforms and i need them to win the level. please help?