Reviews for "Dandy Cave Explorer"

Game froze after reaching level 20, with this vomit alphabet barely visible in the upper left, smothered under a dark gray box that I assume is attempting to load the achievement. Pushing mouse makes a jump sound, but everything else is broken beyond repair.

I liked this game, mostly because I was pretty good at it. It's just great to have such clear cut gameplay. I still had to figure things out more and more. It was interesting how it became a puzzle game after awhile. You really have to keep an eye out for everything. It got harder to figure out what to do.

It wasn't just about pressing the buttons at the right time. It showed real diversity. That's always creative. The sound effects were nice and cute. It was just good as a time waster.

I swar to God I rarely hear such a lovely tune even if it is so repetitive and simple. Responsive controls, nice graphics...excellent audio.

What's the point of the load button? It does jack shit the only time it does anything is when you are playing the game and hot home then load but if you refresh the page you are back to having jack shit and not being able to click the load button as there is nothing there to load. So you will have to play the whole game in one sitting. I was at level 20 came back to try some more but seeing that I now have to repeat everything again I'm going to pass till the load/save function actually works.

Primajin responds:

That was a slight oversight, it should now work properly and let you continue even after closing/refreshing.

GREAT progression from the 1st game. Fun mechanics and great puzzles. All around really enjoyed it,