Reviews for "Dandy Cave Explorer"

I don't understand why you can't restart levels with a simple keypress, like 'r' or something. Very frustrating on some levels.

Also, when a player tries to jump very very soon before touching the ground, it should still work. It's just one of those things platformers generally do. It feels rigid and unpolished otherwise.

The game was quite good. I feel like you should rename the button "play" to new game, since it is what it does. I also really miss an restart button and maybe more important, resetting the level when you press "r".
Other than that i liked it a lot.

Primajin responds:

It just seemed to me that a restart level button wasn't needed as you can quickly just die to restart on any level. I'll maybe add it in as an update though, thanks for playing :).

Nice One Button Game, but I find the music quite repetitive. Only at the last level the music change.
Futhermore, Sometime when I die, the game think that I die multiple time at once and the "die" noise became loud for no reason.

Still Nice Game through.

PS : The "Treasure Hunter" Medal don't work for me.

A very unique experience. Good work.

Have to rate 0 because it's only hard because of forced constant walking forward that required bouncing off things to turn. I hated it. This is less about real difficulty and more about memorizing exactly when to jump.

Also, I completed the last level twice and didn't get the "beat the game" medal...

What really got to me was level 38. I died a lot on that level and because movement was forced, I couldn't analyze the level effectively. I eventually figured out that you're supposed to save the crumbling platform for after you get the last coin (meaning you go under it twice), but I died a painful number of times, thinking the level was broken beforehand... Didn't like the moments when you had to jump to platforms you could barely reach at the top of your jump either.